Review: Missha Super Aqua Snail Sheet Mask

super aqua snail mask front

In accordance with my obsession with All Things Snail, I purchased a couple of Missha Super Aqua Snail Sheet Masks from the USA Memeshop. I had the pleasure of testing it out last night.

super aqua snail mask front

super aqua snail mask back

Win: directions and ingredients are in English!

My impressions: the sheet mask seems pretty typical–the mask solution was clear, and the mask comes in two parts (one for the top of your face, up to the bottom of your nose, and the other from your upper lip to your chin). The mask itself is made of nice spongey material that adhered pretty well to my skin.

Effects: excellent. Right after use my skin was glowing and radiant, and looked extremely healthy. It seemed like my skin had developed some kind of internal shine that I rarely see in other sheet masks. I would definitely purchase this item again, especially if I can get it on sale.

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