Review: SU:M37 White Award Bubble-De Mask

I first heard about the SU:M37 White Award bubble-de Mask from the wonderful blog The Wanderlust Project. Reading Sheryll’s review I was intrigued and immediately went to hunt the product down. I found it on Amazon for cheaper than the sites she listed, and although it was labeled a “detox” mask it was the same product she had recommended.

su:m37 bubble-de maskHere’s the bottle, unboxed:

mask unboxed

The mask itself is definitely a new experience. The fluid comes out like a thick liquid, but about 2 minutes after you apply it starts foaming–at 15 minutes the foam is around <1 inch thick. By 20 minutes the foam starts popping. I thought the foam was a little uncomfortable, and slightly itchy–I started wanting to scratch pretty regularly while my mask was being applied (never a good thing).

Results: it did make my skin nice and clear and rosy, and settled a few acne bumps on my forehead. But I’m not that impressed… to be honest I felt that the Missha Super Aqua Snail Sheet Mask┬ádid a much better job, and left me with a more glowing, healthy looking complexion. Note that I have pretty dry, sensitive skin, which might also explain my reaction to both products (the Missha snail mask might be more suited for drier skins).

I’m glad I tried it, but I’m not sure based on my experience tonight if I would repurchase this–it’s also pretty pricey. I’ll give it a few more whirls though, since I have a whole bottle to use up, and will update if my opinion changes.