Review: Missha Pearl Mask

pearl mask front

As my reviews have shown, I’ve been more than a little obsessed with all things Missha. Today I’m reviewing one of their masks, the Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask Pearl. 

pearl mask front

pearl mask back

The sheet mask is pretty standard–cotton, soaked in good stuff, and you’re to leave it on for 15-20 minutes (I wore my mask while in the bath.)

Well, my thoughts on this mask were that it did not work for me. I’m not sure if it was the combination of this mask with the Missha Pomegranate mask that I’d tried the day before, but the Pomegranate mask broke me out while I was wearing it. I tried this mask the day after to calm down the irritation, but it didn’t seem to have much effect. It calmed down a few angry bumps that were appearing right after, but the next day I noticed two or three more which lasted for the next few days. It’s been four days, and my skin is still looking uneven from all the spots. They are going away, but my skin tone is still discolored.

So–I am not a fan of both the Missha pearl mask and the pomegranate mask. But funnily enough I used another Missha product to calm down the irritation, very effectively–the Missha Super Aqua Snail Cell Renew Treatment that I just reviewed. The snail treatment immediately soothed my irritated skin–I was quite impressed.

So: I’m not a fan of the pearl and pomegranate masks, which stood in sharp contrast to the Missha Honey mask from the same line. Unlike both the former masks, the honey mask was delightful, both brightening my skin and smelling just like honey.

Lesson learned–I won’t love everything from the same brand, unfortunately. But, onwards and upwards!