Review: Missha Honey Mask

Honey Mask Front

I am becoming a real Missha addict–just about everything I’ve tried from them works very well, and at an excellent price point. Today I’m reviewing the Missha Honey Mask that I purchased from the US Memeshop.

Honey Mask Front

Honey Mask Back

Honey is supposed to be very calming for your skin and has tons of antioxidants and other good stuff. I’m a big honey fan–both in terms of honey products as well as just eating raw honey–so I thought this would be a good fit for me.

I really liked this mask.The mask is a fabric mask and comes in one piece. It actually smelled sweet, just like honey, but the texture of the mask was smooth and not sticky or tacky. My skin was really dry so it soaked up the mask like crazy! After wearing it my skin was brighter and definitely more moisturized. I’d definitely repurchase this mask, and am currently being tempted by the Missha mask set currently on sale ($5 off $20, with free shipping), given how much I’ve enjoyed all the Missha masks I’ve tried.

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