Review: Banila Clean It Zero Purity

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In case you’ve not been keeping up to date on the latest in K-beauty: the Banila Clean-It Zero sherbet oil cleansers have been consistently touted as the latest Holy Grail item. Given that I was about to run out of my first oil cleanser (The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil), I gave in to curiosity and ordered the Banila Clean-It Zero Purity cleanser, which is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

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Verdict: OMG THE BLOGGERS ARE NOT LYING THIS IS TOTALLY LEGIT. It comes as a balm, in solid form, and melts upon contact with your skin to turn into an oil cleanser. When I scooped a little using the provided spatula and put it on my face it melted instantly. Like buttah.

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absolutely love this cleanser. It melted instantly upon contact, turned into this rich oil which felt wonderful on my skin, and once I added water lathered up and washed off easily. While I liked my Face Shop oil cleanser, I always felt that not all of the oil had been washed off when I was done. Not so with the Banila cleanser. Everything came off, and my skin was instantly softer and smoother. It was terrific.

In other words: I love this product so hard. Especially because it comes in a balm form meaning that I can travel with it without any issues (maintaining a Korean 10-step regime while traveling can be very onerous)! Three words: buy. it. now. 🙂