Review: Caolion Where Is Pore? Pack

When I first found out about the effectiveness of Korean skin care products (6 weeks and counting, woo!), I started googling for Korean products that would be effective in minimizing one’s pores. I’ve got really enlarged pores, especially on my nose, from a lifetime of over-enthusiastically squeezing blackheads (they are so gross but so satisfying).

The first few Google results I found led me to the Caolion Where Is Pore? pack, which I purchased on Wishtrend. The Where Is Pore? pack was featured on Peach and Lily, one of my favorite US-based sites for curated Korean skin care products, and the Birchbox blog.

20141109_140223_Naudain St

where is pore, opened

It’s a light grey mask that has a smooth clay-like texture, easily spreadable. Once it dries on your face when applied (you’re supposed to keep it on for 10-15 minutes), the color gets washed out. I felt a nice cooling sensation when it was on, but for my very dry skin, it did tend to dry it out so I try to use more moisturizing products after.

I’ve used this mask about four times now since I received it. Is it effective? I’m not sure. I think the pores on my nose are looking a little smaller, but this is after using it four times. I’m generally used to my Korean products working a lot more quickly than this one, so it’s been a little disappointing. I’ll keep on using up the jar, though, and will definitely update if it’s been effective!

(N.B. While I purchased the Where Is Pore? pack on Wishtrend, the Memeshop is currently having a great sale on Caolion product packages.)

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