Review: Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing DeTox Mask

In my previous review, I wrote briefly about the Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing DeTox Mask, which I received in the Memebox Brighten and Correct box. I was so excited by the mask–beautiful packaging, plus promising bubbles and moisture–that I got to work using it immediately! So while it’s fresh in my mind, here’s my review of the mask.

Here’s a little recap of what the bottle and packaging look like:

IMG_20141211_153116 IMG_20141211_153152

The bottle feels nice and heavy, and I like the subtle bubbles at the base of the image.

The description of the product states that it “creates hydrating and pore clarifying bubbles that penetrate deep into the skin. It effectively removes all pore-clogging impurities and blackheads for good! These sparkling bubbles will not only leave your skin spick-and-span but also deliver deep moisturizing, brightening, and tightening results! Highly recommended for those who suffer from dry and easily irritated skin, this detoxifying mask will detox and clarify without stripping the skin of natural oils.”

Sounds pretty good right? Well here was my experience with the mask…

Before I started, I tried a swatch of it on my hand:

IMG_20141211_154836 IMG_20141211_154842

As you can see, when you initially apply it, the texture is thick and silky.

IMG_20141211_154847 IMG_20141211_154849

It really only started bubbling when I spread it around more thinly. This is in a minute:


And after two minutes:IMG_20141211_154957

The instructions say that you’re supposed to massage it when it starts bubbling, which kind of thins out the bubbling.

IMG_20141211_155012 IMG_20141211_155017

When I put it on my face, it foamed up probably like an inch over 10 minutes. The instructions didn’t say how long to keep it on for, so I left it on for about fifteen minutes. I liked the smell, it reminded me of a Johnson’s & Johnson’s rainwater bath gel I used when I was little.

This is what it looked like on my face just after its peak, after the bubbles started reducing.


After fifteen minutes, I massaged the mask onto my face which dissipated the bubbles almost completely. They didn’t come back, and left a thick sticky film on my face.

Once I washed the film off, however, my skin felt squeaky clean but a little *too* clean–my skin felt  a little irritated. :/ I have been experiencing some bad skin irritation recently though, and my skin might be a little more sensitive than normal. I felt some heat generating from my skin, which I felt might not be a great sign, so I slapped on a hyaluronic acid mask for 20 minutes right after, which calmed my skin down.

So: I didn’t have the greatest first experience with this mask, but I haven’t lost hope on it. I’m pretty amused by the bubbling effects and think my skin did feel a lot cleaner after–it might just be a little too harsh for me right now. I’ll wait until my skin calms down before I try it again, and hope for better results next time!

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5 thoughts on “Review: Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing DeTox Mask

  1. I think you used the product wrong. This isn’t a leave on mask, its more of a cleanser. According to the product page on their website you are supposed to rub with your fingers or gentle brush to create a lather and massage the bubbles into your skin then rinse with warm water. Hope this helps! 🙂


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